Your First Visit


Your First Visit to Our Orthodontist Office

We understand that orthodontic treatment is a big commitment, so we want to make sure you are informed and all of your questions are answered when you sit down with Dr. Long. Your first visit to our office is important. It will establish our relationship and serve as the pivotal first step towards healthier teeth, a more confident smile, and ultimately improve your quality of life! During your first visit to Central Illinois Orthodontic Associates, you will be welcomed by our friendly team and introduced to Dr. Long and the members of our staff. 

At your free consultation, we will outline a treatment plan and discuss insurance and financing options to help you decide if you want to commit to starting your orthodontic journey with us. Come visit us at our Peoria office!

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Complimentary Consultation

When you visit our office for the first time, our top priority is getting to know you, understanding your concerns, and making sure you feel comfortable with our office and your treatment plan designed by Dr. Long. We will introduce you to everyone at Central Illinois Orthodontic Associates, discuss insurance coverage, and provide you with a free consultation. If you decide you would like to begin orthodontic treatment, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to get you started. Our exams and consultations are thorough, and we will always strive to make you as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment process.

Start your journey to a more confident smile today by scheduling your first office visit.
Before long, you’ll have a beautiful smile you’ll be happy to show off for years to come.

Insurance & Financing Consultation

If you’re concerned about affording professional orthodontic care, we recommend you come to our office and learn about the insurance and financing options we offer. We strive to provide affordable, professional care and make our patients and their budgets comfortable throughout the entire treatment process. We work with hundreds of insurance providers, the most prominent being Delta Dental® and Cigna®. We will help find the perfect payment plan for your needs through our insurance and financing options. You shouldn’t have to worry about choosing between your orthodontic treatment and other necessary bills and living expenses. You can afford to invest in your smile, and you deserve to make yourself a priority. We always will.

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Initial Exam & Treatment Plan

We believe orthodontic treatment is not a “one size fits all.” That’s why Dr. Long will sit down with you at your initial consultation, listen to your concerns and objectives, and design a custom treatment plan to meet your needs. He will talk about your tailored treatment plan and discuss the desired results you’re looking for. We’ll give you an estimate on how long your treatment process will last and how much you can expect insurance to cover. It is our goal to make sure you feel supported every step of the way. The initial exam and consultation will usually last about 30 minutes during your first visit to our office. We’ll make sure you get the personalized, professional care that is perfect for you.